A Lot Like Birds is a totally sweet band group that consists of Mikey France, Butter, and a bunch of other fags I think. Or maybe Mikey and Butter are the only two members but the other fags are guests. Oh well, who gives a shit?

History Edit

Mikey France was upset over the break-up of She's a Dead Man, the totally sweet progressive ska post-rock band group. Mikey's artistic talent was no longer being recognized, so he wanted to start a whole new band group! He enlisted the help of Butter, in order to limit dissent from his fellow band members. Mikey thought of all the myspace comments he'd receive, and fapped to the idea of the praise he would get for being such a creative genius. Sesame Street is no place for vengeance! Hallows or Horcruxes? Your ex marked my spot.

Musical Style Edit

Mikey France and pals play a really long, boring instrumental and then Mikey screams a bunch of stuff.