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Drinkus (formerly known as NEDM) is an American musician and Wal-Mart employee, known for his role as a member of the boy band group Kill Harbert, and for his solo work under the name Electro Saboteur, previously preferring to be called Oranga Banga Luke.

Early Life Edit

Drinkus met future Kill Harbert band member Tarvis in 1st grade at Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary School in Orangevale, CA. While attending Green Oaks, they experienced many of the events that inspired them to start writing music. Drinkus has always been known for his strange eating habits, spitting up Jell-O, eating chewed up gruel as well as eating non-food items such plastic and socks and drinking KA47's urine.

Kill Harbert Edit

Drinkus provided vocals on 5th Grade Living Museum., and performed at many of the shows during the 5th Grade Living Museum. era. However, after that, Drinkus briefly left the band to work on his solo project, Electro Saboteur. Tarvis produced a solo album under the Kill Harbert moniker, with Drinkus only appearing briefly in "Westside Cuts." He performed at very few concerts during this era, and his current status in the band is unknown. As of now, Drinkus is listed as a member on the Kill Harbert myspace.

Electro Saboteur Edit

Electro Saboteur has produced three songs:

  • "Antiseptic"
  • "Don't Go (Into the Night)"
  • and a cover of "Yo Yo Bye Bye" by Why?


In late 2009, NEDM became Drinkus.

Drinkus has been given several other names, as well. Naming Drinkus is easy and fun! The only rule for giving Drinkus a new name is that it must end with a "kəs" sound. Some past examples include "Failcus," "Pukas," "Leakus," and "Bad Ideacus."

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