Kill Harbert is a boy band group based in Sacramento, California. It consists of two members: Tarvis and NEDM. Kill Harbert has achieved limited success within the hip hop dippity dop scene, and is described by many as the best band of all time. The group has released one EP and one full-length album. According to their MySpace profile, Kill Harbert is currently working on new music.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Tarvis met NEDM in 1996 at Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary School. While attending Green Oaks, they wrote many song parodies, such as "Would You Like to Die in My Beautiful Balloon?" They were influenced by well-known groups such as Limp Bizkit and Staind, which made their lyrics become more dark and emotional. In 2005, NEDM and Tarvis had the idea to release music under the name Kill Harbert, though they wouldn't begin to produce music for two more years. In late 2007, they decided that they were ready to take on this difficult task.

5th Grade Living Museum. Era Edit

On 3 December 2007, Tarvis was sitting at home listening to That's Adultery on MySpace. He realized that he could make crappy music in Dance eJay, and double-clicked the shortcut on his desktop. His first instrumental, the one for "Covert Harbert", took about 30 minutes to produce. He quickly thought of some touching lyrics, excitedly called The Penis He Thought Was His Own, and drove to Paste Studios to record. The final product would become the intro to 5th Grade Living Museum.. Tarvis then wrote and recorded "Joshua Jonas," and NEDM became upset about his minor role in the duo. So, together, they wrote "Citrus Heights Police Department," which became one of their greatest hits. The other major hit from this era was "That Meal," which was inspired by a trip to Taco Bell with coked-out Holly Herpes. Kill Harbert managed to play one decent show during this era, but unfortunately, mistakes were made and the last song of the set was ruined.

cupcake fieLd thugs. Era Edit

Much more time and effort was spent on Kill Harbert's first full length album, cupcake fieLd thugs.. NEDM once again became upset, and left the band, leaving Tarvis with more creative control over the music. However, NEDM did provide guest vocals (five words) on "Westside Cuts,". Several associated artists had a role in the album, such as KA47's verse on "BLUGUGUGUG" and That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy on guitar in "You Forgot Poland". The album was significantly better than "5th Grade Living Museum.", but still pretty terrible. However, only a few of the songs were filler. Hits from this era include "Pube Soup," "Dillon's Boyfriend," and "Floppy." The album was released on 24 May 2008, at the Royer Park show. NEDM performed at only one show during this period of time.

Recent Activity Edit

In July 2008, Tarvis decided to become a sailor and left for boot camp. Unfortunately, a few days before he left, the Kill Harbert MySpace profile was deleted in an unwarranted attack by known terrorists Anus and Holly Herpes. The motivation for the attack seems to have been a mixture of Anus's embarrassingly small penis, and Herpes's cocaine-induced insanity. The fate of Kill Harbert was left uncertain at this point. After two not-so-inspirational months in Great Lakes, Illinois, Tarvis was contacted by NEDM via AOL Instant Messenger. NEDM had the idea of working on another album, and Tarvis agreed. Another Kill Harbert MySpace profile had been created by NEDM while Tarvis was gone, and it contained the caption "COMING SOON!", as well as a picture of Budd Dwyer. Tarvis began to produce instrumentals for a new Kill Harbert release, and performed alongside That's Adultery on 1 January 2009.




Band group membersEdit

  • Tarvis (2007 – present)
  • NEDM (2007 – present)