Old Saint Nick + Thundercunt (also known as the "Do you want some gummies, Sweetheart?" debacle) was a series of advances by Old Saint Nick on Thundercunt throughout 2008. The aftermath of The Blair Mangelli Project was intensified by Thundercunt's unwavering rejection of Old Saint Nick as well as other factors.


First of All, Edit

Old Saint Nick wanted to cuddle with Thundercunt. Thundercunt told him she was a lesbian. Sex Kitten Lauren confirmed this.

Second of All, Edit

A few days prior to the Second Attack, Thundercunt decided to stop being a lesbian and have sex with The Flesh of Bulls. This got Old Saint Nick's hopes up—perhaps now she'd have sex with him! OH LAWDY!

In the recent aftermath of the Second Attack:

Old Saint Nick: Thundercunt got dragged out
That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy: Is she okay?
OSN: I think she got dragged out
TIIC: Did any of the guys like, grab at her?
OSN: YEP! Do you like her? The Flesh of Bulls fucked her
TIIC: Yeah, but–
OSN: How did he do it? Were you there? Did he tell you?
'TIIC:' I don't really want to go into too much detail–

Crushing Old Saint Nick's Feelings Like Your Grandfather's China Edit

Near the end of the Second Attack, Thundercunt slapped Old Saint Nick in the face for having left her in the car. This action broke Old Saint Nick's heart and gave Thundercunt's hand a fresh rash. She never forgave him.

Then Finally Edit

About a month later, Old Saint Nick finally decided to quit That's Adultery because Thundercunt broke his heart. Talk about the most circuitous method of kicking someone out of a band.